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Temple Solutions enjoys working with organizations of all sizes and purposes. We have a great respect and admiration for the non-profits that serve the community. Working with youth development and leadership is an important mission for Temple Solutions. Youth leadership and development is needed now more than ever in our society. A recent report noted that our youth have become so sedentary that with the ever increasing lifestyle diseases that were once reserved for middle aged adults (hypertension, type 2 diabetes) that it is believed that our youth will have a shorter life span than the previous generation. Imagine that since the advent of modern plumbing, waste disposal and public health this could be the first generation to not outlive their parents.

Our youth are bombarded with images, multi-media and information that often enough is disruptive to their ability to make positive behavioral changes and their ability to make decisions that will allow them to evolve personally and professionally. Temple Solutions through the Rising Stars program wants to give our youth the opportunity to lead themselves and hopefully their peers around those classic pitfalls that have plagued our youth, as well as the new pitfalls that as adults we could not fathom but seemingly continue to knock at our teenager’s door. Our society is complex; challenging and very competitive we should provide our youth with the tools to meet those challenges. Education and sports are great classic tools but as adults we can provide them with an additional tool such as the Rising Stars program and help them realize some of their own dreams.

“Youth development is needed now more than ever in our society. “For the first time in the history of this country, young people are less healthy and less prepared to take their places in society than their parents. Moreover, this is happening at a time when our society is more complex, more challenging, and more competitive than ever before.”- a recent American Medical Association report

It is often said that Knowledge is Power and to some degree that can be true but what is known is that Applied Knowledge is POWER!!

Rising Stars Performance Model begins with the understanding that applied knowledge is power.

Having our youth ready for the future and all that it entails whether in times of prosperity or through economic downturns that border recession, and preparing our youth to position themselves so that they excel in both environments is important. Having our youth navigate through their adolescent years and perform well with their school and other activities gives them a solid base to help them perform as adults in their professions, in their communities and throughout their personal lives.

Temple Solutions through The Rising Stars program wants to provide your teenager with a self directed life development process that prepares them for a future of success and excellence.

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