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What is a team??? The definition is easy to find but just what is it that teams do that makes them so special? One of the better definitions for team is this: A team is a cohesive group of people working and playing together toward a common goal with a shared sense of purpose; and who demonstrate respect for each other through responsibility and accountability. Does your work team exhibit those characteristics?

Are your teams cohesive, do they stick together through celebrations and disappointments, are they like the Three Musketeers from Alexander Dumas’ novel and live by the creed of “All for one, and one for all”? Is your team at that level of cohesion?

Does your team exhibit a shared sense of purpose? Do the team members all pull in the same direction at the same time? Is each member of the team after the very same thing? Have the goals and objectives of the team been discussed openly and agreed upon? There will not always be total agreement and minor disagreements regarding approach and methodology are to be expected. However, without 100% buy in from all members of the team it is easy for the team and its leader to lose cohesion and direction.

Do your team members respect each other? Respect for each other…seems like an easy concept but can sometimes be a difficult thing to obtain. When it comes to teams and team building respect simply means that no teammate would do or say anything to harm or demean another team member!

Why is teamwork so valuable and prized? The benefits are numerous...

  • Increased productivity
  • Interdependence; people discover that they can count on each other.
  • A stronger support base develops i.e. physical, psychological and emotional.
  • Employee retention rates increase
  • Greater levels of creativity emerge by pooling the thoughts of team members.

What is needed to become more like a top team?

  1. Clearer Role Definition
    • For each… in relationship to each other’s dependencies, conflicts, etc.
  2. Set Goal for the Team
    • Strategy… Not product alone
    • What is a win
  3. Identify Tactics
    • What are the risks
  4. Establish Reward Targets
    • Success
    • Self-fulfillment through goal attainment
    • Satisfying working relationships

How is all of this done if you do not have a top team yet…. Temple Solutions has a series of processes that addresses these issues and help develop your team into a top team.

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