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Executive Strategic Planning

A few of the areas that we focus on are as such…Building a passion for succeeding, Communicating the Vision, Vision and Mission Statements their structure and function. Determining the future of the organization and what organizational resources will be needed to achieve those goals. As a “C” level executive what do you envision for the organization? Have internal and external assessments been done, competitive analysis and is your organizational structure ready for the vision. Temple Solutions has programs to help develop your strategic plan, to help you be ready to execute this plan.

Executive Leadership

Areas of focus with Executive Leadership are turning goals into sustained success, what formal leadership is. Collaborating for results, understanding what motivates people and developing peak performers. Have you ever heard of the Peter Principle (people rise to their level of incompetence) it is a principle with real validity people are promoted and rise professionally until they reach a position in which they are no longer competent and there they remain. For an organization to be competitive executive leaders have to create an organizational culture in which everyone is challenged to seek innovative and improved methods of doing business. Today’s executive leader must find ways to get individual departments to work interdependently as well as independently all the while sustaining growth during times of turbulent changes and fiscal challenges. We offer an extensive process that will help an individual meet those challenges all the while maintaining that all important balance in their life between their career and their personal lives because just like your departments those two parts of your life work interdependently as well as independently.


Areas of focus with Leadership are building successful attitudes and habits, developing your own personal goals program, managing your time, communications and human relations. In today’s corporate environment, there is an overabundance of managers and a lack of leaders. This situation clearly has a negative impact on an organization’s ability to grow, to be competitive, to remain effective and maintain efficiency. We often hear that someone is a natural born leader. It’s a misleading statement. There are many qualities in being a good leader such as vision, focus, motivation, curiosity, discipline, positive attitude communication skills and perseverance. No individual is born with these skills, they are developed. Everyone has the potential to lead but few develop it. Temple Solutions has a program that can help with developing those qualities that are very much a part of being a leader.


Areas of focus within Management are the manager as a leader, goal setting for success, decision making, dealing with negative behavior, time management and communications. Often enough many organizations promote or hire an individual to the role or level of manager without giving that individual any formal training. Without that formal training an organization could lose valued customers, have a reduction in moral, show signs of lower productivity and perhaps lose staff through turnover. All of these reductions and losses affect the company’s bottom line. Managers whether they are front line managers or executive level at one time or another have to deal with customer issues as well as staff issues and how well those issues are managed will say a great deal about that particular manager. Temple Solutions has programs that develop your managers, whether they are new to management or have been in management for some time, our facilitated programs give your managers the ability to be better managers. Our programs are designed to develop better managing skills that will aid them in their professional and personal lives.


Areas of focus within Supervision are confidence, leading for results, communication, organizational communications and developing subordinates. In today's business world, the supervisor is the "main link" between the organization's goals and the people who must accomplish those goals. Good supervisors are the key to the success of any organization. How well they handle any missteps by line staff, how well they improvise, adapt and overcome an obstacle so that there are satisfactory outcomes for the customer, for the organization and for the staff are critical to organizational success. We want to utilize our programs to develop your supervisors and through our facilitated process have them become better at meeting those organizational objectives.

Customer Loyalty

Areas of focus within Customer Loyalty are creating customer loyalty, measuring customer loyalty, effectively managing stress and impulses and goal accomplishment. Upon the point that the United States economy shifted from a manufacturing economy to a service economy nothing has been more paramount to a business’s success than customer service. Maintaining your current customer’s loyalty is as important as gaining new customers. There are many programs available that can help with customer service but we offer a facilitated process that is geared towards developing staff who are responsible for stellar customer service. If your organizational growth is dependent upon customer service then should not those who are providing the service receive the best possible training in order to give your customers great service so that they will become loyal customers? We can help build your team into a winning team.


Areas of focus with Coaching are understanding and affirming your “self”, goal setting for success, managing your time, the coaching relationship, and building successful attitudes and habits. If your business or career is consuming you with long hours, stress, and lack of enthusiasm we want to help you to be more successful. We focus on, to borrow computer terminology, reimaging you. We look at what has been successful and what has been lack luster in both you professional and personal lives. We believe that in getting more balance through our coaching process you will be a more successful business owner, career professional, executive, student, spouse, parent, and friend.

Youth Leadership

Areas of focus with Youth Leadership are Commitment to Learning, Positive Values, Positive Identities and Boundaries/ Expectations. Youth Leadership via the Rising Stars program will allow your child to not only develop their own dreams and goals but the “want to” to achieve those goals.

Guest Speaking and Keynote Speaking

Subjects of relative experience are human development, youth leadership and development, and developing balance between the physical, mental, health, wellness and spiritual sides of the individual.

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