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Why does Temple Solutions have the ability to work with any organization whether for profit or non-profit? How can we work with clients on varying levels from youth groups to all levels of professional organizations from line staff and supervisors dealing with customer service to C-level executives?

Temple Solutions is a human development organization. We do not consult on your business specifically what we consult on is how to get the most out of your staff. People are pretty much the same across all work environments. No one gets out of bed looking to fail or to do a bad job at their place of employment. They want to do well and be recognized for doing well. Most organizations and people already possess the skills and knowledge to do their job. What is the biggest difference between those individuals, no matter what level they occupy in an organization, who succeed and those who kind of flounder along? It is their attitude. Pat Riley coach of the LA Lakers, NY Knicks and Miami Heat states: The difference between people who are skillful and merely successful and the ones who win is in attitude. John Cheney former coach of the Temple Owls men’s basketball team always said Winning is an Attitude.

Attitudes are habits of beliefs. Case in point: You are driving down the road doing the speed limit. You come around the bend you see patrol car with the radar gun out and you do what??? You slow down even though you know you are not doing anything wrong. Why? Because you have been taught whether from previous experience or just from knowledge that you do not want to draw attention to yourself or gain unfavorable attention from the police. There is nothing wrong with that attitude, but what other attitudes are affecting you or your organizations ability to move ahead, or that individual’s ability to get ahead? Have you ever heard this one… Well we always did it that way… or is that part of my job description? We work on attitudes and the changing of them to help that individual meet their goals as well as the organizational goals. Remember we focus on both aspects of a person’s life, both personal and professional. You cannot change one without affecting the other. This is why we focus on balance.

How Is Your Attitude?

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