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Temple Solutions Founder and CEO Scott Young,


Since high school he has been involved in various Fitness and Sports activities and continues to do so to this day. He is a veteran of the US Air Force and completed his enlistment soon after the end of the first Gulf War. During his time in the Air Force he spent multiple years in Europe where he developed a world view of who he is and his place in this world. Upon leaving the Air Force he immediately enrolled at Temple University in Philadelphia PA., where he studied Exercise Physiology. It is there that he started looking at Obesity not just the physiology of it but the social and economic factors behind it.

After graduating he took a position in the Cardio-Pulmonary Stress lab in the Division of Cardiology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The clinical education and experiences that he received at CHOP were invaluable. The time spent at CHOP has aided him both professionally and personally. He received an MBA in Health Administration from Eastern University in St. David’s Pennsylvania, while still working at CHOP. His thesis was entitled: The Economics of Obesity with a focus on Type II Diabetes. This paper looked at direct and indirect costs of Obesity and one of its primary co-morbidities Type II Diabetes.

A great deal of his work has been involved with human development. As a Sergeant in the Air Force training subordinates to not only perform tasks efficiently but safely was a priority. Motivating athletes while training them for their respective sports was a highlight in human motivation and fitness motivation. His passion is bridging the gaps between physical, professional and personal human development. His passion is for an individual to work at optimal levels in all aspects of their lives.

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