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 It’s no secret that as of March 7, 2009 our economic conditions are worse now than any in at least a generation. Unemployment figures have reached a 25 year low for the United States. Our stress levels increase with each day that the news reports another failure of a bank, financial institution or in the case of Iceland country. Companies that were once mainstays of the financial world are now defunct or absorbed into another company to keep from having a complete total failure. 

Everyday we are hearing something from the BBC, Reuters, CNN or some other international news agency reporting further economic turmoil and distress throughout the global economy. The stress that we are all feeling from the President right on down to our children is real and unfortunately unimagined. Do you recall that AIG commercial where the kid walks into his parents bedroom stressed out over their financial future and the dad says to relax they have AIG well I suspect that this poor kid needs to go back to worrying again because news reports state that AIG is in serious economic distress. 
If you need a more realistic example of stress and sleeplessness on Oct. 12th 2007 GM stocks was trading at $42.64 per share as of March 7, 2009 GM stock is trading at $1.45 per share that is a 96% percent devaluation in their stock. Do you think that any and everyone who has some economic interest in GM are currently under a lot of stress and losing sleep?   
How do you handle your stress because if you are not managing your stress and allowing it to keep you up at night then it is most certain that a declination in your health and wellness will be compounded by poor stress management and lack of sleep. In an article posted on CNN’s Health page of their website on March 6th 2009, author Madison Park reports just how damaging lack of sleep is hurting Americans on a daily basis. In the article the National Sleep Foundation’s annual poll estimates that Americans average about 6.7 hours of sleep during a weekday. Of course we all know someone who functions quite efficiently on five hours or less of sleep and we all know folks that are absolutely useless without at least eight hours of sleep. Dr. Raj Kakar, medical director at the Dallas Center for Sleep Disorders, states “that more people are stressed. Stress is associated with sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. The economy is a major factor why people are losing sleep.”  Dr. David Schulman, medical director of the Emory Clinic Sleep Disorders lab, when asked what is taking time away from people’s sleep his response was “entertainment, internet, playing video games and TV. People have all sorts of distractions that they didn’t have in previous years.” Dr Schulman likens sleep deprivation to chronic alcoholism. He says “when you’re chronically drunk, you can’t tell when you’re drunk and if you’re chronically sleep deprived you can’t tell when you’re sleepy. You lose the ability to detect how tired you are. It’s not unusual to fall asleep behind the wheel.” Think the stress is causing you not to sleep, imagine what it is doing to your teen or child. The pressures to perform at a high level are greater now than ever. They receive pressure from their teachers, parents, coaches, peers, financial, the opposite sex and sometimes themselves. It is any wonder how they get out of bed at all. 
How do you handle your stress? Are you getting enough rest? How much caffeine do you need to get through your day? Are you exercising, do you place enough good stress on yourself to be in a position to handle the bad stress? Is your lifestyle different today than it was two years ago, five years ago and is it for the better or for worse? How do you manage your stress?

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