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The primary objective of Temple Solutions is to have our client's business shows growth and that their business moves from being good to being great. We want the client to see a return on their investment that will allow their professional and personal lives to evolve and grow. Sustainable success in their professional and personal lives will allow the client to have a greater sense of balance in their lives. The tag line of Temple Solutions is that we bring balance into your life and it is important that we meet that goal.

How important is Balance in your life and in your world? When your world is unbalanced it affects everything. If your life at home is not moving in a positive direction does it not affect your ability to be a peak performer at work? If your company is going through a slow period or tough times fiscally does it not affect your ability to function outside of work at a peak level?

What Temple Solutions wants to do is bring that balance into your life. Our goal is to have your professional and personal lives to function interdependently and independently. We believe that the body and the mind are the Temple from which all things stem. The mind and the body are not independent of each other and neither are your professional and personal lives independent of each other. It is important to ensure that your lives function together as a unit. Setting goals and working towards those goals are important and healthy. Whether your goals are short term or long term when you’re professional and personal lives are working towards those goals then your life is moving towards better balance which is beneficial for yourself, your family and your career no matter what level that may be. It is important to keep all of your lives in proper balance to achieve optimal success in life.

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I think we have all seen examples of when teamwork or communication is not effective.

The thing I enjoy about teamwork is that you are willing to trust and put yourself out there so that you and your team are effective and are focused on completing that goal.  When I look at this video of these two WGN news anchors I do not see two adults being silly or juvenile.  I see two people having fun, while practiicing an intricate routine of their own design.  It's a funny routine no doubt but it shows that they function as a unit both professionally and personally.  I would love to see more organizations function that cohesively and perhaps have fun while doing it. 

Wouldn't you? 

Posted By: Scott Young | 4/27/2009 3:30:11 PM

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